An Irish Dinner for Two

Ruth Carty’s husband, Eddie, was Irish. For him, it was more than just his heritage, it was part of who he was – a good father and loving husband who looked forward to Saint Patrick’s Day each year.

April 20, 2020|

The Game of a Lifetime

On one September morning, the van was loaded, and Marty was on his way to see his Phillies. The sun shone during the afternoon game, where Marty enjoyed “the best” slice of pepperoni pizza and a cold beer.

January 16, 2020|

A Tattoo Worth a Thousand Words

Masonic Village Hospice staff heard word of the story and were inspired to grant Bill his wish. “They said they would take care of it,” Bill recalls. “Before I knew it, they were coming to pick me up and take me for my first tattoo.”

July 12, 2018|

Grief Turned to Adventure

Next to raising a family, Cliff dedicated his life to wrangling horses. His love and understanding of the majestic animal allowed him to easily train them to be showcased in reenactments, law enforcement, television and film.

May 1, 2017|

A Flight to Remember

It was a beautiful spring day, almost 70 degrees and sunny. Even before it began, Clyde Jordan knew it would be a day he would never forget.

March 15, 2016|
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