Veterans Care

Specialized care and services for those who served our country.

“As a veteran, when talking to another veteran, you always know where to start the conversation. These patients deserve this. I always tell them it’s my honor and privilege.”

– Larry Wolford, veteran and hospice volunteer (pictured above)

We Honor Veterans

Some veterans near the end of life face challenges including post-traumatic stress disorder and survivor’s guilt. In addition, they can face health setbacks from their time of service, including chronic pain, presumptive diseases that are associated with exposure to wartime chemicals and traumatic brain injuries from accidents, falls and explosive devices. We take time to understand these special circumstances and feel it is our privilege to provide care to these heroes.

We are a proud participant in the We Honor Veterans program and value the importance of honoring our veteran patients. Our staff and veteran volunteers visit with and perform special ceremonies for veteran patients, which include a reading, a pinning and the presentation of a certificate and a handmade red, white and blue fleece blanket.

Veteran Stories

Grief Turned to Adventure

May 1, 2017|

Next to raising a family, Cliff dedicated his life to wrangling horses. His love and understanding of the majestic animal allowed him to easily train them to be showcased in reenactments, law enforcement, television and film.

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