Whom does Masonic Village care for?
We care for patients at the end stages of life who may have a wide range of illnesses including cancer, advanced cardiac; pulmonary, kidney or neurological disorders; and advanced dementia.

Where can I receive hospice care?
Based in Elizabethtown, Masonic Village Hospice is pleased to offer services to patients in their residential homes, nursing homes, retirement communities or skilled facilities throughout Lancaster, Dauphin, Lebanon and Eastern York counties.

When should I consider hospice care?
Hospice is available for patients with a limited life expectancy. The sooner we start providing care, the more effectively we can enhance the quality of life for both the patient and the family. Some signs which could indicate a need for hospice care include decreased appetite or weight loss, increased emergency room or physician visits and continued pain, shortness of breath or exhaustion. Once the patient, family and physician agree that care should focus on pain control and symptom management rather than aggressive curative care, hospice services can begin with the authorization of the patient’s primary physician.

How do I arrange for hospice services?
We are happy to talk over the phone or in person to discuss whether hospice is the appropriate choice for you or recommend services that may be a better fit, such as home health or home care. We will coordinate care with the patient’s physician, who assists in supervising all services.

What does hospice care include?
Each patient’s care plan is overseen by a registered nurse and hospice medical director. Personal care assistance is provided by certified home health aides, and visits are conducted at least weekly by specially-trained nurses with expertise in pain control and symptom management. Physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as dietary consultations, are offered to each patient. Medical social work services, spiritual counseling and support by inter-faith chaplains are also available to patients. Alternative therapies including music, massage, aromatherapy, essential oils, pet therapy and Healing Touch®. Visits from volunteers also soothe and add to the experience of a Masonic Village Hospice patient.

How are hospice services paid?
Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans. There are certain eligibility requirements that need to be met before these plans will authorize care. Our staff will work with the patient’s insurance company to coordinate benefits. Masonic Village serves eligible patients regardless of their personal financial circumstances.

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