Danielle Berardi and Jennifer Hoover have a passion to promote Masonic Village Hospice services to the Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, York and Cumberland counties. With a combined total of 13 years of hospice experience, the outreach team provides educational in-services to healthcare providers and the community.

In this strategic role, Danielle and Jennifer frequently meet with key leadership and clinical team members of skilled nursing and personal care facilities to provide information on Masonic Village Hospice. They focus on building and maintaining relationships.

Danielle, a former pharmaceutical representative and dietitian, said her goal is to help families create happy memories.

“My mom was on Masonic Village Hospice services in January of 2014,” she said. “While on hospice she received Healing Touch to help with her neuropathic leg pain due to chemotherapy. I walked into her room after she received it, and she had the biggest smile on her face. She was dancing her feet around and said ‘Look Danielle, I can move my feet and it doesn’t hurt.’ That is the memory I hold onto. She passed away two days later.”

Jennifer came to us with five years of hospice experience. She enjoys meeting with families and letting them know what services our hospice offers.

“I love to interact with people in a meaningful way,” she said.

Jennifer and her family chose to use Masonic Village Hospice for her grandmother when her health declined. Jennifer felt it was a wonderful experience.

“The team we have goes above and beyond for their patients,” she said. “My family was so grateful to have had this experience and it be with Masonic Village Hospice.”

Jennifer and Danielle enjoy collaborating with the Hospice team on special moments, such as delivering a special meal or celebrating a birthday.

“The team we have goes above and beyond for their patients,” Jennifer said. “My family was so grateful to have had this experience and it be with Masonic Village Hospice.”

Often, when they visit a facility, Danielle and Jennifer will volunteer to paint residents’ nails or host a holiday gathering for them. “It’s little things like that,” Danielle said, “that can bring some joy to the residents.”

“We do a lot in the community,” Jennifer added. “We do community health fairs, expos and visit senior centers all to educate the general population about hospice and our services.”

Recently Jennifer organized a holiday gift drive for a personal care home in the Lancaster community. “The reaction we got from the residents was amazing,” she said. “They were truly grateful to receive a gift.”

While there are many hospice providers in our area to choose from, Jennifer and Danielle often speak about how, as a non-profit organization, Masonic Village Hospice stands out due to providing individualized attention to each patient and their family. Danielle and Jennifer love to share what makes our Hospice unique.

“Our goal is to show that hospice is about living and celebrating life until the last breath,” Danielle expressed. “It is a beautiful time and can be rewarding to the patient and their family.”