Some may think butterscotch pie is overly sweet, but to Juanita Keesey’s late husband, Dave, there was nothing better. Juanita made the beloved dessert for Dave’s birthday each year.

One year, she accidentally dropped the entire pie in his lap while presenting it to him. It didn’t ruin the day, as the Keeseys always believed in “laughing it off.”

“He was a very kind man,” Juanita said. “He was just a very gentle person.”

Dave owned his own TV repair business, and Juanita handled everything behind the scenes.

“He loved to be with people and talk to people,” Juanita said. “I’d have to keep him on track.”

The Keeseys shared a beautiful life and raised four daughters together, which was one of their proudest accomplishments.

Dave was a man of strong faith, and as the Keeseys grew older, he knew Masonic Village was were God intended them to be.

“We met so many people here,” Juanita said.

She remembers when Dave started a Bible study on campus.

“Our doctor on campus said he was having trouble scheduling appointments for Mondays,” Juanita recalled. “He said the residents didn’t want to miss Dave’s Bible study.”

When Dave’s congestive heart failure worsened, the Keeseys began receiving personal care at Masonic Village. They felt blessed to have a suite big enough for them to share.

One year later, as Dave became a little more quiet and reserved, Juanita knew his health was declining.
“His body was failing, and I knew he was frustrated by that,” Juanita said.

Thankfully, Hospice was able to ease the pain for Dave while supporting Juanita.

“Hospice was very kind and very helpful,” Juanita said. “They knew how to talk to Dave and how to soothe him. He lit up when they walked in the room.”

After Dave passed away, Hospice staff visited Juanita several times.

“I realized that I did a lot of my grieving when Dave’s health was declining,” Juanita said, “but I appreciated all the support and information they gave me and my girls.”

Juanita had witnessed the passing of loved ones before, but it was different with her husband of 64 years.

“My nature is more quiet and reserved,” she said. “Dave was kind of like my alter ego, but I’m learning how to adjust.”

Juanita has faced loneliness due to COVID-19 restrictions, but tries to remain positive and looks forward to the day she can be with her family and friends again, without worry.

“The bad is all part of life,” Juanita said. “I try to look for the good. Dave could stay near me while Hospice was caring for him, and that was the biggest blessing.”

Some might say a blessing as sweet as pie.