Your child may benefit from the chance to remember, honor and celebrate their loved one in a creative, therapeutic way.

  1. Create a memory candle.
    Use materials like paint, foam letters and jewels for decoration. Written words and photos that remind you of your loved one can be added to or around the candle.
  2. Plant a tree, flowers or a memory garden in a special place.
  3. Make a collage or scrapbook.
    Use photos and stories of your loved one that remind you of what you and your child enjoyed most about them.
  4. Make a quilt or tie blanket.
    Consider using your loved one’s clothing (T-shirts, ties, scarves, etc.) as the fabric.
  5. Register a personalized star.
    The online star registry allows you to choose a constellation, star name and star date in honor of your loved one.
  6. Make memorial jewelry.
    Create jewelry out of your loved one’s mementos, or consider designing a locket featuring their photo. A charm bracelet could be a way to mark the years that go by, with each new charm reflecting a special memory of your loved one. Consider having a ring, bracelet or necklace engraved with your loved one’s signature or name.
  7. Give back.
    Caring for others can be therapeutic to you and your child during the grieving process. Find opportunities to volunteer together.
  8. Take a trip to your loved one’s favorite place.
    Visit your loved one’s home town, favorite restaurant or vacation spot to remember them.
  9. Make your loved one’s favorite meal together.
  10. Make a memory box or basket.
    Place photos of your loved one in a basket. Gather the family and take turns sharing the stories behind the photos.
  11. Release a butterfly.
    For many, butterflies are a symbol of hope and renewal. You can purchase (via mail order) native butterflies bred specifically for release.
  12. Create a recipe book of your loved one’s favorite recipes.
  13. Make a teddy bear.
    Help your child keep their loved one close by making a teddy bear out of your loved one’s favorite shirt or other memorable piece of clothing.
  14. Adopt a pet.
    If your loved one was an animal lover, adopt a pet from your local animal shelter in their memory. You might even give your new pet a name that reminds you of them. Make sure you and your family are prepared for this commitment.